Help, memory not recognised

i have 12 gb install (3x4gb patriot sector 7)
the mobo is x58 extreme

only 4gb are recognised
the only stick recognised is in b1 slot (white)
the other 2 aren' working

i have tested all the sticks in the working slot : they all work

if i plug one stick, in bios it is written single channel mode (4gb)
if i plug 2 sticks, bios says dual channel mode but still 4gb
if i put 3 sticks bios says triple channel mode but still 4gb

i don't know why, it used to work before please help me
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  1. Have you change anything in the bios or had any issues with the bios or blue screens ?
  2. well, i have changed the cpu and cooler

    it did have some issues (did not boot at first but after a few tries it worked)

    what i don't understand is that it seemed to see that the sticks are plugged in cos it changes channel mode from single, dual to triple but not the memory itself

    do u have any idea?
  3. i also notice that cpuz recognise 12g
    windows doesn't
    bios neither
  4. This sounds like a motherboard problem. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the memory? Have you tried running memtest86 on it with 1 stick for say 30mn and then go from there? We need to rule out that your memory got damaged or that you have a bad slot.
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