Unstable System need some extra help

I have built a gaming rig that well does not game well at all.

I am running:
a intel Core i7 2600K (not overclocked yet)

ASUS Sabertooth P67
latest BIOS installed

Kingston HyperX T1 PC3-12800 8 GB (4GB X 2)

Graphics Card:
GIGABYTE GV-N580UD-15I GeForce GTX 580 (I don't think the issue is with the graphics card because it was in the previous system and ran everything just fine then. And my diagnostics software reports no issues with the graphics card)

Hard Driver:
2 Western Digital VelociRaptors 600GB not in raid

Power Supply:

And the issue I am having is that after gaming for about 1-2 hours the system will crash completely with a loud whine comming out of the speakers.
I dont know exaactly what my issue is. I am using the stock heatsink right now with no overclocking. but I have another system with the same motherboard and it runs great but is using corsair Vengence 1.5V RAM instead on the 1.65v kingston HyperX T1 RAM.
I have not tried swapping the RAM yet to see if the issues go away.
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  1. Sounds like a broken mobo. RMA it and see what happens. Run a benchmark tool and a temperature monitor and see if anything is spiking above 70. Maybe your computer is running way to hot.
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