How to set up lan with desktop wired to router and laptop wireless

I have a desktop running Windows Vista and a wireless laptop running Windows 7. I have them connected to a Linksys E3000 wireless router. How do I precede to setup a LAN? Does my LAN have to be either all wired or all wireless to work?
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  1. It can be both wired and wireless. Presumably you have internet access but you want to share files between the two computers.

    Start by turning off firewall on both machines temporarily.

    Make a written note of the Computers' names -- Go Control Panel, System, Computer Name

    Enable file sharing on selected folders on each machine.

    Go to Network Wizard and follow the prompts.

    Go to My Network Places and select Add Network Place

    Be patient. Add Network Place is a bit flaky in my experience but it gets there eventually.
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