A few questions before assembly

Hi, so I've got all my components. I've got a couple of questions first.

I don't have an anti-static wrist band or whatever, I heard the best thing to do is to plug the PSU in and leave it off and it will act as a ground? Is this correct? Also, should I install my GPU before installing my OS or should I get everything up and running and install it? I heard a few places saying the latter is the best way to go. Thank you for your input
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    I always unplug the PSU from the wall and never use any anti-static mat, wrist band, whatnot. Just be sure to disperse any static electricity you may have built up before you start working. I usually just touch metal items before starting work, like the computer case, a metal door knob, something like that. I also do all my work on the dinner table, after I clean it off of course. Generally don't have carpet in that room so it's hard to build up static electricity while working on the PC.
  2. Yeah, I'm in a basic apartment that has carpeting everywhere except the kitchen so I guess it's going to take place there after an incredibly thorough cleaning. Would it be okay to make a makeshift work area from cardboard or something else as I can't fit a table in there
  3. As long as you're not running around in socks you'll be fine. Like calinkula said, leave the PSU unplugged and touch the metal on the case prior to touching the components. No sweat.

    Good luck.
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