I5 2500k or i7 950

I am in China for a while and was wanting to buy a cpu.I saw two choices of i7 950 and i5 2500k.The i7 was cheaper by 30USD when compared to the i5 k series.I already got an i7 950 and also a i7 2600k.I wanted to think of getting another one just for the fun of it.Both have their differences such as x58 chipsets support 16X/16X sli and cf.But just wondering is the i5 2500k worth the extra money?
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  1. If you already have and i7 950 and i7 2600k why do you want to spend on another CPU. The i7 2600K is a powerful CPU than i5 2500K so it depends on you to spend. Rather you can upgrade other components if you want to!
  2. Its not about money issues.Just love to buy hardware.
  3. ^ Rich! lol :D

    Sandy Bridge FTW.
  4. Your leaving out to much information. It depends on what you are going to do with it. If you just want to buy something then newer architecture ftw. I assume your I7-2600 is in a gaming PC in which case you could get the i5 for an HTPC and encode the crap out of stuff. ;^)
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