Call of duty black ops and widescreenfixer?


has anyone had any luck getting this thing to run?

I downloaded the app and the call of duty file, and the screen does expand but is definately not right..

any suggestions?

thank you
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  1. Thats the only game you have problems with (under-scan)?
  2. Thats the only game I tried to run with fix..
  3. dude what kind of f.. fix..?
  4. Im using it and it works fine.

    Since the game dont support it u wont be able to get 5760x1080 (if thats what ur using) without stretch.

    If ur talking about the menus u will need to use the Enter key to press some buttons since its a bit bugged.

    Its easier for me to tell u if its wrong or not if u actually tell me what problems ur having.
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