Random Freeze and Shutdown

Ok guys so this one is a problem thats not by the book in any sort. To start off with i recently upgraded my computer, for 2 reasons, 1 more power. 2 fix this crappy problem. So lets start from scratch. My old system had an EVGA 750iftw mobo, 4 gb ram ocz, 1000 watt psu, multiple hdd's, A newer 60gb OCZ vertex 2, Gtx 275, and intel Core 2 quad Q9550. Since then this is what ive done. Heres a comparison side by side.

Q9550 Quad Core Core I7 950
EVGA 750i ftw Asus x58 Sabertooth
OCZ vertex 2 ---------->>>>
2 500 gb wester digitals-------->>>>>
1000 watt coolermaster psu--------->>>
Stacker 810 Haf X case <<not that it matters
MSI gtx 275 Gigabyte 6850 <<soon to be x2
4gb OCZ reaper @1066 6 gb Patriot sector 7 ram
Cooler master 212 cooler Coolermaster V8 cooler

This is a beautiful system guys but heres the problem. For some reason in random games aka Medal of Honor or the older COD4 it randomly freezes, to a point where this is no ctrl alt del, no alt tab nothing. Just a repeating annoying buzzing and its done. I can only fix it by reboooting. I strongly believe it is either the solid state drive or the psu since well they are the only things that didnt really get changed. PLus the system seems to like it when i take one hdd out. It also sometimes hangs on windows when starting or shutting down. But no its not my win 7 i also put in xp and with no avail. clearly its hardware. Can someone give me a starting point as where to fix this my PSU has a 5 year warranty but for some reason CM isnt supporting me too well. all help help is appreciated
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  1. I think it's your system ram or video card.
  2. Run a few passes of memtest86 and see if anything pops up.
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