Dual ATI 5870 or Single Nvidia 480?

I am stuck whether to buy dual ATI 5870s or a single Nvidia 480? Tell me which is better and why? Also money is not an issue. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Dual 5870's by a longshot, but then again, that's $700 to $400 or so, is it not?
  2. Should wait till the 69xx series comes out...
  3. in price 5870 is already more expensive than 480..Why compare?
  4. I agree with Shadow
    2 5870s perform better but they're more expensive than 1 GTX 480.So it's not a fair comparison.
  5. To answer your question, the 480 is not a good choice now that the 580 is available.

    2x5870 now costs $500 to $600 after MIR depending on mfg. It is the more expensive, more powerful option.

    However, if money is not the issue, I'd buy a 580. I always prefer single vid card solutions where possible. I don't have to deal with crossfire issues, and if by some quirk 1x580 is not enough . . . I can add another later.
  6. radeon 5XXX crossfire scaling is terrible... I agree with Twoboxer on the GTX 580 though. 2 5870's would be $500-600 depending on brand/rebates, a GTX 480 is $400-450 and a GTX 580 is like $500-530.

    I vote GTX 580 for all around performance/value.
  7. "radeon 5XXX crossfire scaling is terrible" - not really, some games its not so good, some games it is great but you really need to be running high resolutions and a very fast cpu to push 2 of them fast enough to see their true scaling - http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/ATI/Radeon_HD_5870_CrossFire/16.html

    If money is not an issue, then why not get 2 gtx480's? or a gtx580 or 2??
  8. Just out of cursious....what are your full system specs?
  9. The above exchange shows one reason why I prefer single-card solutions wherever possible. And when gaming at 1920 its very possible.
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