I7 870

I was gonna ask i won a Intel i7 870 on ebay for 244.50 should i pay for it or get a i5 2500k

if i pay for it what a good motherboard for it
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  1. What do you need? I'm assuming just mobo and CPU if so. Get the 2500K it kills the 980X once OC and has much more ability and capability than the i7's of late had. Since they use the 32nm production. Low heat, lower energy consumption and high OCs are just the few things SB is better than the old i7/i5s. So go for the 2500K, if you have a local microcenter check them out. They sell em for 180$. As for a good mobo, check my guide out please, EVERY VIEW HELPS! (PLEASE BUY THE 2500K FROM THE SPOTLIGHT PRODUCT!!!!!

    Anyways a good mobo is the Asrock Extreme4 P67. Cheap but also efficient. Enough to supply any user with a good OC (5.1ghz w/ bios revision) and CF (8x/8x) So my rec would be the Extreme4
  2. motherboard and cpu
  3. Yeah so as i said my suggestion would be in that post, I think your in the US right? Is that a correct assumption?
  4. Yep How does the i2500kl compare to i7 870
  5. I feel sorry for the seller that got ripped off... definitely asrock extreme4 it's a beast and the 2500K is far superior to the 870 in gaming plus it overclocks better
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