Bad motherboard? Dell Inspiron 1521 Laptop

I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop that refuses to post. When I turn it on it just shows a blank screen and nothing happens. Initially, I thought it was the screen (I only had a description of the problem from a friend) and after replacing the screen, nothing changed. I returned the screen and now want to confirm with the community that the motherboard is bad before I buy a new one that may or may not be returnable.

The Dell Diagnostic error code says that there is a graphics card problem. The graphics card for this laptop is a ATI Radeon X1200 or something and integrated (I can't find it anywhere on the motherboard) and so I'm assuming that the motherboard itself is bad.

I know enough about all this to replace the motherboard successfully, but not enough to troubleshoot the board and fix it. So I will need to replace the entire board.

Edit: If anyone can find the board I need that would also be extremely helpful. Preferably some place that allows returns for a refund in case this doesn't fix the problem. The part number is WP042 or HN306 I believe. (either works) I am looking to pay around $100 for it. I've seen a few places selling it for that price.

Thanks for the help in advance!
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