"SYNC OFF" monitor information.

I turned on the monitor, that's Hyundai DeluxScan S570 and there's and information "NO SIGNAL". I thought that's normal, so I connected it to my pc and turned on computer. There's still "NO SIGNAL" information. I thought to change something in menu of monitor, but no - can't get there. When I press any button on the monitor(MENU, SELECT or arrows) I get "SYNC OFF" information and nothing happens. Anyone know what's going on? And does anyone know why can't it show data from pc? It seems like computer would never be connected.

I don't know what sub-category to choose, so I think Graphic Cards is good.
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  1. Start the computer in safe mode and reduce the resolution in the display settings to the minimum.
    Then try to start it on your display that's showing no signal.
    After you get a picture on it if you do manage it, you will be able to go to the Monitors OSD and set everything to the default, that's by resetting monitor.
    And once you restart the PC in normal mode you can go to the Maximum of the Monitors Native resolution.
  2. But..the thing is..I can't see what my pc is showing. So can't make it, alyoshka.

    The graphics card is Asus EAX550/TD/128M/S/A, I don't know what GPU is on it.
    Should I clean the 'fan' on the graphics card?

    Maybe it's power supply? I disconnected everything else, but nothing helps..
  3. If you start the rig in safe mode it ought to come up with the display. And to do that you need to be hitting F8 even without looking at your screen or even when it is blank just after the boot beep.
  4. The rig?
    So..I should be hitting F8 to get to boot choose menu..and then what? How do I get to safe mode if I don't even know what I'm pointing in menu?
  5. :)
    Yeah, so you don't remember the boot order, and you don't or can't get into safe mode?
    Does it show you your boot menu when you hit F8 after the boot beep or you can't see that either?
    If you do see it, then after selecting the HDD all you have to do is instantly press F8 again, keep hitting it... and you'll manage to get the safe mode menu....

    Can you get into the BIOS and see the BIOS screen on that monitor?
  6. Hmm..
    Again: I can't see a damn thing. Only "NO SIGNAL" information or "SYNC OFF", all right? So there's no boot menu, no hdd selecting, no boot mode selecting.
    I mean - there can be, but I can't see them. Nothing but those 2 instruction from monitor, but it doesn't change that I can't get into anything.

    And..about boot beep..there's none. I can hear only 'clicking' by bios speaker(the same that normally does beeps).
  7. Well, like your question says...
    "I turned on the monitor, that's Hyundai DeluxScan S570 and there's and information "NO SIGNAL". "

    How did you do that and with what purpose if it was not connected to anything at that time?

    "I thought that's normal, so I connected it to my pc and turned on computer. There's still "NO SIGNAL" information. "

    So after that you connected it to your PC, what was it connected to before that?

    Get my point?
    and what was the PC connected to before you connected this No Sync monitor to it?
  8. You only say that I'm not as smart as you.

    How did I turned on monitor? Connected to the current plug..
    What for? Don't know. It wasn't connected to anything to get the data from.
  9. Not not in the way you're taking the statement,
    what I meant was what was it connected to before you did that.
    And have you connected it to your GPU's output with the right cables now?
  10. Yes, it is connected with the right cables. Graphics card works 100%.

    What would it be connected to before...? Monitor - nothing. It wasn't turned off for weeks. PC? It was connected to different monitor and everything worked just fine.
  11. That's why the question was asked, since the GPU was set to a different resolution, maybe something that the New Not working monitor is not capable off.
    You need to connect it to a compatible monitor and get the default refresh rate and resolution set in it and then connect it to your new Not working monitor.

    Also getting a BIOS screen is the most important thing on the new monitor.
    Since you say you can't see zilch, that means it ain't functioning even at it's lowest resolution.
    Do you have the User Manual for Hyundai DeluxScan S570 if yes read thru and check which key combination resets the Monitor...... to it's factory settings.
    Try those and then retry with the PC.
  12. I do not own manual of the monitor..
    Also couldn't find anything on google.
    And I don't know what combination resets the monitor's settings.
  13. Alright. I checked the graphics card. It's not that..
    Something different makes it all not working and I don't know what.

    Can anyone help me with that problem and give me examples?
  14. Try taking out one of the RAM sticks out of your computer and then try turning it on. Wait until it fully loads, turn off, add the RAM stick back to it's place, turn on. At leats that's what helped me about 10 times :) Could be different with you though...
  15. It didn't help.

    Please. Write anything that has at least 1% chance to work!
  16. I can't find any info on that monitor, can you tell us what type of conections it has? (RGB,DVI.HDMI)
    I don't know the graphc card either, but if it has more than one possible port connections, try to connect the cables to different ports.

    If your pc works on another monitor, then it's either your graphic card, that doesn't support the monitor in whatever way, or your monitor is broken.(if you have tried switching cables and still nada)
  17. The monitor has RGB and DVI types of connections.

    Graphics card has also DVI, but I don't have any monitor with that cable, but I checked different graphics card and different monitor(on HDMI) and it's not about graphics card. It's something different. It can't startup and I don't know why. Processor works, but doesn't do anything, cuz even POST didn't start. Nothing showed up on the monitor. RAM is good also, cuz checked other RAM's. I don't have any more ideas..

    Anyone, please?
  18. Well then, if it isn't the graphic card, then your monitor is broken. The pc works even if your monitor isn't. Having a "no signal" in the monitor means, that the video signal that the graphic card should be sending to the monitor, it is not happening. Either because the graphic card doesn't work, or the monitor.

    So RMA the monitor.
  19. Well, after all that work we have reached a very simple conclusion, that your monitor is got a problem. Do you have another rig around which is fully functional?
    Does it have a DVI out? if both those answers are yes than test your monitor on that rig with a DVI cable, a new one preferably....
  20. Try this:
    1. Connect your previous monitor/ any other monitor and start up.
    2. If your rig does manage to start up, go to your display settings and change the resolution to the minimum (640x something)
    3. Turn off your computer.
    4. Disconnect the monitor and connect the new monitor (the one giving you problems)
    5. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that your system starts up in the resolution you set. If it does start, play around with the settings and bring it back to the preferred resolution.

    If your old monitor works and the new one still doesn't, you may be having a busted monitor.
  21. Alright. Sorry for no posting back, but I've been busy.

    Monitor is Ok. Graphic card is Ok - those are 100% sure.
    Even if processor is little warm, is it able for it not to be working?
    I mean: it's something about motherboard or processor. Those two only.
    I checked both and don't seem to have any problem in how they look.

    Soo.. still.. any ideas instead of going to anyone that knows electronic or buying new motherboard or processor?
  22. I checked processor - it's ok. It's something about motherboard.
  23. replace your VGA cable with new one.
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