How to validate security code in yahoo

hope u will help me
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  1. What code? Where exactly?
  2. yahoo messenger...cannot open my id
  3. Send them @mail to recover your ID and they will send it to your @mail address.
  4. they are asking me to validate the security code...dont know how
  5. The security code is the Captcha you see when you fail to login in the first attempt.

    The problem is for the new yahoo mail you'll need to allow pop-ups since the captchas are now in a pop up window.
  6. ohhh...cannot do it still...
  7. I just did that on my account.
  8. Post the link to that log in page.
  9. then...?
  10. Post the link to that log in page.I want to see it.
  11. which link?
  12. Are u using the web version or the software one?
  13. web version
  14. What browser are u using?
  15. Going to sleep, but make sure that u have disabled pop-up blocker for that captcha pop-up so u can type in what u see!
    This is what u looking for.
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