HD 5750 runs at lower temperatures when more monitors are connected?

Hey all,
I used to run two monitors on my HD 5750 and get idle temps at around 58'C, but several days ago I connected up a third monitor and I now seem to be getting idle temps of around 49'C?

Does this make sense? If anything, I would have thought this would increased the temps. (not that Im complaining)

It seems to me that either:
1. The cables that are plugged into the graphics card, in a way, are acting as heat sinks, and are dissipating more of the heat from the card.
2. Some outputs generate alot more heat than others. ie originally I was using the card's hdmi output and one of the dvi outputs. I am now using the displayport output and 2 dvi outputs.

Leave me your thoughts :)
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  1. Yes, certain outputs are less straining on the GPU than others..... so thus less heat is generated.
    No your cables are not acting like extended heat spreaders :) not in anyway.....
    It is also possible that connecting the extra monitor has increased the minimum fan speed because of minimum load being more thus an increase in the fan speed can also lead to the default idle temps.....
    It is also possible that the placement of the third monitor has changed the Airflow in the room and over the rig :) thereby making it run cooler.....
    I'd say if you were more curious, you could do the Smoking Room test (LOL) to check the Airflow all around with and without that 3rd monitor :)
    That would be a real insight for us too..........
  2. Looks like that hdmi output was generating alot of heat then as the fan is and always has been running at 36%
    Thanks for the info :)
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