Worth an upgrade?

Wonder if you guys can shed any light as I haven't actually kept up with the new CPU sockets, their capabilities and the new motherboards. I have been reading the last couple of days however about the new Sandbybridge CPU's and wonder if now is a good time to actually upgrade. None of the bechmarks I have found are relative to what I have at the moment so I need someone in the know who can say yay or nay if it's worth it.

I have an X6800 @ 3.5ghz, coupled with an EVGA 680i SLi and 4GB Corsair Dominator RAM.

I am looking at going for a 2500k, an Asus P8P67 Pro and 8GB Corsair RAM.

I have a HD5870 and game at 1920 x 1200, the system is put under the most stress when gaming, I am not into video editing and the compression of large files.

Any advice appreciated, cheers!
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  1. Hi R4ekwon and welcome to Tom's Hardware forums.

    You will see quite a measurable performance increase by upgrading to a 2500k in most other tasks as well as gaming, but I'm not sure the price of the upgrade justifies your main goal - To play games.

    Yes, you will see a fantastic performance increase in some games that use more than 2 cores (such as GTA4), but what it really comes down to is if your happy with your games performance.

    If this was me, I would take the dive and make the upgrade but I do a lot more than game with my system.

    If I was you, I would only upgrade if I'm having slowdown problems in games that don't have good graphics (such as Minecraft or Supreme commander games, or even the GTA's).
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    What has prompted me is that I did have the CPU running at 3.7GHZ for a couple of years but I think the high voltage has taken it's toll on the board and/or the cpu and the only way I can keep it stable now is by running it @ 3.5GHZ. The difference between the two might seem minor but in GTA4 it goes from being a 35-40fps playable game to a frame rate hovering around 30-32 and sometimes even lower which feels really sluggish. Having not built a new PC in 5 years I thought now seemed like quite a good time but PC gaming seems to have changed so much that there are no longer a deluge of system breaking games on a yearly basis, which has left me quite content with just upgrading the graphics card to keep in line with latest software.

    Pricing it up it's only around £350, it's more the hassle of rebuilding my raid... but I think you have probably convinced me by saying what I hoped you would, in that it wouldn't be a complete waste of money.
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