Ati 4770 windows crash

hey guys, i have an issue.
a 6 months ago i baught an ati 4770. its a great card, but i needed more power.
last week i baught another. i installed it as crossfire as usual, installed the drivers and rebooted.
now the pc get to around the end of the loading windows 7 screen and freezes.
i took the card out and rebooted. pc booted fine.
i took out the original card and used just the new one. the pc booted to the same place but instead of freezing on the windows loading screen, it goes to a completely blank screen and freezes.
i have tried various drivers, different ram, different cpu, nothing worked.
im thinking i can try a gpu bios flash?
let me know of any thaughts please, i really need help
ps. the card has run out of warranty so returning it is not an option. i have owned it for about 3 months before actually using it and it only came with a 60 day warranty :(
i dont think there is anything physicly rong with the card, as it works perfectly fine up to the point where drivers are installed.
thanks guys.

i7 930 cpu
8gb ddr3 1600 ram
4770 gpu
1000w thermaltake psu
6x1tb seagate hdd
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  1. Sounds like you have a bad card, if the old one is as good as the day you bought it and the new card is acting up then problem solved. Chances are that it isn't the clocks but a defect that causes windows to stall on boot up.
  2. u dont think there is any way to atleast get it to work with the drivers? underclocking? bios flash?
  3. If you can't load windows it is pointless but you could try to use it under DOS and copy the bios then swap to use your older card to edit it. I am Doubtful that lowering the clocks will help but its worth a shot.
  4. cheers mate. il give it a shot.
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