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I upgraded the power supply in a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop and based on suggestions from the forum, I bought a Corsair CX430. The motherboard on the Dell is is RY007 and the connection for the PCI-E only supports a 4PIN caable . The problem is the PSU has a 6 PIN PCI-E pulg. Any suggestions? Can I use the PSU 6 pin or do I need some sort of adapter cable? Thanks
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  1. What are you talking about there are only 2 power connectors on your board 24pin mainboard power and 4 pin CPU power (P4)!
  2. Are you saying that the power connection on your graphics card is a 4-pin? Or is there a 4-pin connection on the mainboard?

    If the 4-pin connection is on the graphics card, then I don't know. I don't recall ever seeing one, other than a standard Molex.

    If the connection is on the mainboard, the power supply should have a specific 4+4 connection for that (it's not a PCIe connection). Just use one half of the 4+4 connection.
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