Ati mobility radeon 6370 vs gts 360 m


I've been looking to buy a new laptop for quite some time now as my current machine is a 4 year old boat anchor. I want to get the best bang for my buck and I've been looking at some laptop models from Asus. I settled on one model, but then my boyfriend just directed me to another model that have a graphics card I can't seem to find benches for. Additionally, I've just read a couple of posts that make it sound like the gts 360m really isn't worth the extra money I'd have to pay for it. Just wondering what everyones opinion would be on the matter.

The laptops I'm thinkin about are listed below. The X3 was my initial pick and the K5 is whay my boyfriend just linked me to.

Asus X3:
Core i5-430m
500GB 7200 RPM
15.6'' 1920x1080
Nvidia gts 360m

Asus K52JT-XT1:
Core i7-740QM
500GB 5400RPM
15.6'' 1366x768
ATI Mobility Radeon 6370

Just to add, I intend to use this laptop a lot of gaming and graphics process among other things.
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  1. Choose the second one..Why choose the first?You are walking on crutches with that kind of Gpu
  2. hello silvergenesis,
    Definitely go for the second one i.e: Asus K52JT-XT1.
    It has excellent CPU as well as GPU.It appears to be future proof as well.
    It will be good for gaming as well.
    If its easy to buy then go for second one.
    ASUS X3 GPU is not good enough.
    Best of luck.
  3. Well turns out the ATI 6370 isn't the greatest graphics around. ><
  4. Check out this HP, it's $90 more (newegg had it for $899 on "cyber" Monday, oh well) but it is still a good buy and should game very well. Be aware though that it will generate a lot of heat running an i7 with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650, and battery life will be limited. But it's the trade off for a hotrod lappy.
  5. Thanks for the link dctiff. Do you know if it's US only?
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