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I have the Antec "Illusion" case which has 4 big fans in it and my computer's been running fine and dandy since I built it a few weeks ago. I'm just wondering something about all those fans in my case. The fans are not THAT loud, but I was just wondering if 4 may be "overkill" for me. Maybe I could cut it down to an intake and exhaust and be fine? Like I said, it's not that loud, but it may be quieter with 2 off. I will be adding a PowerColor 6850 video card either today or tomorrow when it arrives in the mail, don't know if that'll add more noise, so I figured if it does I could kill a couple fans.

Any suggestions?

thanks :)
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  1. The fan configuration is perfect in the Illusion imo.
    As far as i know both exhaust fans have speed control and the top exhaust is 140mm.
    So if you have those on low it's not loud.
    I don't have an Illusion so im not sure about the 2x120mm being speed control.
    That being said a gpu is most likely going to be the loudest fan depending on what you set it's fan at.
    The two front intakes will help more then hinder,especially once you add a gpu.
    They actually cool the gpu so it doesn't get so hot = the hotter the gpu the louder it's fan gets.
    I would just leave the case fans as they are.
    Plus i'll guarantee you the loudest fan in your case is the stock Intel HSF.
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