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Adding SSD and uping to 8gb performance difference?

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January 25, 2011 4:26:51 AM

I got a build: 965, UD5, 212+, 5770, HX650, Gskill 1600cas7, asus dvd, caviar black 1tbsata3, CM 692 advanced and win 7 64 ult.

I got 400ish+ dollars to upgrade and this is what I think I am going to buy:

Crucial 128gb sata 3 SSD=264.99

Gskill 2nd 2x2gb 1600cas7=65
30$ worth of fans to fit my case
Samsung DVD Burner w/ 100pack verbatims 35$

In cart with my moms gpu=445$

Is SSD and Memory the ideal things to increase for more real world performance, mainly in converting, burning and multitasking

I know that a 2nd gpu would only help with playing games, but I am in school and I dont have time for them right now.

So please give me any opinions I can order whenever I am ready!
January 25, 2011 1:13:04 PM

The only thing I'd add is the RAM. That would help in converting and multitasking.

I'm still wary of adding a SSD. They're still too expensive for my tastes. It would make the computer feel faster, but you'd also have to reinstall Windows and all your programs to it. I just don't see a SSD being worth $200 (or more) yet. Maybe once the 120 GB models fall under $150.

Extra fans won't do anything. Higher end cases (like the one you have) already have enough fans in the right locations to offer great airflow. Adding more fans would like disrupt the streamline the case design has maximized. Unless you're having big heat issues, I wouldn't buy more fans. Even then, I wouldn't spend $30 on them.
January 25, 2011 2:05:52 PM

I got OCZ 120GB SSD for $150 including shipping from ebay. It costs $220 in newegg :) 
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January 25, 2011 2:27:37 PM

The memory has been the main thing I wanted, and I don't want anything below 1600cas7 because it is sweet and perfect for OCing. Thats why I will max at 8gb, and it would only cost me 65$ instead of 160$ for a new 2x4gb set.

The crucial 64gb ssd, seems to have extreme performance, and I did feel weird about spending 200+ on the 128gb.

The thing is I don't necessarily need faster HD, I need more of it! I have filled up my exteral HD to its capacity and I think when converting from it, it goes a lot slower.

So even one caviar black sata 3 and a caviar green sata 3, would be more up my alley. I just read that for performance wise, a graphics card isn't going to help besides visually in games(fps), and SSD's will make "Everything" faster!

This will be my only upgrade for the year, and this time next year I will be upgrading my CPU to BUlldozing(hopefully UD5 will work)

I just want whatever is going to increase performance!!

Best solution

January 25, 2011 3:02:14 PM

Why don't you buy a second WD internal drive? You won't get more speed (can't do RAID, unless you wipe everything), but you'll get a lot more space. It would only be around $80-90. If you might want to do RAID, get the exact same drive you currently have. If you have no interest in RAID, pick up a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB for about $60.

A SSD will make everything feel faster. The actual performance gains to a normal user is very little. Things will load a little faster and the computer will be more responsive, but you won't actually get faster conversions.

I should also point out that Bulldozer is supposed to be on a new socket (AM3+). Supposedly, there might be some backwards compatibility, but no one knows if that means you can use old CPUs on the new socket or the new CPUs on the old socket. Either of those may not even happen as allowing that compatibility would hamper the new CPUs' performance.
January 25, 2011 5:19:13 PM

Well back in September when I did the build, I didn't get thuban because 965BE was sufficent, and at that time it was believed that AM3 would work just as AM2+ and AM2 was.
But now I know that there is a AM3+/rev2 and if they want happy campers, they better make it backwards, and not pull an Intel.

Anyways, I don't care about my programs loading up faster, I want them running faster, i want more real time performance, such as being able to do as many jobs as possible at once efficently!

I also NEED as much storage as humanly possible, and I am filling up 1.5tb combined total space very fast, espeically since I am converting everything to h.264/mp4

So what about a new video card, If i got a 2nd 5770So like my current Giga, would that give me processing power like I have explained above??

I don't know why but I don't get 600mb/s like a sata 3 should, I get the 300mb/s like what sata 2 does?? Did I install it wrong or does my AM3 UD5 not support full sata 3?

Cause if not, I would just get sata 2 if I knew that my hd isn't performing correctly at its stated 6gb/s!

I will run another test but I am not getting what I should!
January 25, 2011 5:32:52 PM

Wow, customer choice award at newegg, and it is rated higher by PassMark Software.
I am definitly not paying more for a 2nd HD like mine, thanks for the info on that Samsung spinpoint, it will probably be faster than my current drive!
January 25, 2011 5:49:32 PM

Cheaper at Amazon:

AM3+ will probably not be compatible with AM3. For better encoding performance, you need more cores. This is literally ONE of the few things that multiple cores help with significantly. I would probably say hold out as long as possible on your Thuban as you can, and hopefully when you need to upgrade, the Z68 chipset will be out which will allow you to use the onboard encoding suite that intel has included with their 2500K's, which is crazy fast for encoding.

Also if you're looking to o/c your RAM, make sure it's lower voltage. 1600 doesn't mean anything if it's already at like 1.7v.
January 25, 2011 6:04:02 PM

You won't gain any processing power from adding a second 5770. That would be a great upgrade for gaming.

Don't touch SATA III (6 GB/s) with a mechanical drive. It has no impact on speed, and just increases the price. Mechanical drives can literally never get speeds above SATA II, so buying a SATA III drive is pointless.

When I say you need to buy the exact same HDD for RAID, I mean the exact same model number. Look at the number on the drive you have and get that exact model. I should also point out that while the F3 is a better choice (and faster) than your single drive, you won't be able to put them in RAID together. That means the single F3 is potentially slower than the dual WD drives.

January 25, 2011 6:20:51 PM

They are 1.65volt unbuffered ddr31600 PC3-12800!!

Would you say that uping my memory is the main thing that will make my computer perform better, short of a thuban or sandy??

If so I can get 2x4gb seperatly, but the only economical way would be getting 1066 or 1333 cas7, but someone told me that there is no point in getting 8gb or 16gb if I am going to get slower memory.

Well I know what I want but I just don't know what parts I will Need to get?

2nd GPU=Increase of FPS in gaming, and 2gb of video ram

2nd Memory=More Multitasking and faster run time in applications aka no lag between the vag

SSD=Super boot times, faster loads, but no increase of speed while in applications

Extra HDs=Extreme storage to hold and process all of my many GB's, while I convert them over, and use for instant streaming on iPad and soon to be apple tv.

Fans/Controller=Fans to fill out top and back, with control of the fans hooked up to the PSU and not the mobo.

Blu Ray Burner=Would be able to burn and backup my blu rays, and play them, not sure on burn speeds or performance beyond there capacity to store. (Q:Can I burn anything to blu-ray? Just like a DVD does files, movies and whatever? if so the performance would be 22.5% more capacity on one disc.

2nd DVD Burnr= Would increase to 16x DVD+R DL(samsung) burning, and could burn to different seasons at the same time

Am I getting the right picture??
January 25, 2011 6:26:17 PM


The only WD Caviar Black 1tb sata 3, is what I have. If I bought a 2nd one I could put them into Raid and have potentially twice as fast hard drive, but have twice the chance of a crash since they are now one!

Let me ask you, Is the performance so good putting two together in raid 0/1 that is worth taking 2tb=1tb??

I could get two of the exact Samsung SpinPOint, that way I have a faster drive and in Raid, and could use my current stupid drive that only does sata 2 and I paid 30$ more for a label, for my back up drive!

I could do this raid almost for the price of the Stupid sata (3)2 caviar.

I wondered why, when I tested my drive it showed sata 2 speeds?? I thought it was the best when I bought it :( 
January 25, 2011 6:26:53 PM

OK, I kind of have an idea that I am looking into.
Sandy Bridge just came out, and the 2600k/2600 is damn there almost as good as the 1000$ cpus from last gen.

I have a UD5 and 965, the 2600 is 300$ and I would just need a mobo, preferably one that has the same functions as my current one.

Newegg has a few packages with certain mobos with the 2600 for around 400$.

Do you think that the upgrade to Sandy 2600 is so worth it?? I mean I could easily setup the computer at my house with my leftovers, but it just seems that I would spend the same money on what I got and not see the performance change like I would get with a Sandy 2600 upgrade!

If I did do this I would need a 100$ mobo, so I could still get the HD or the 2x2gb memory! Everything on my computer will work including my 212+ cause I saved the brackets for the 1156!
January 31, 2011 11:00:36 PM

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