Mouse stopped working and after reboot monitor doesn't find a signal

So today I was web browsing on my Packard Bell Windows 7, when all of a sudden the mouse stopped working. While the computer is just a few months old the mouse has a few years on it's neck, so I figured it had just gone it's natural course and plugged in another one, but it wouldn't work. I then decided to reboot the computer, but the mouse still wouldn't work.
Then, on the second reboot, the monitor said it couldn't find any signal, and went into sleeping mode. I tried rebooting several times, and the computer is clearly on. Is it a virus? A hardware problem? How can I fix it? I'm writing this from a laptop, and I really want my only good computer back.
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  1. is it usb or ps/2 connection?
  2. The original one was a wireless with USB. Then I plugged in what I'm guessing is a ps/2. (The ones that plug into a green hole?)
    As for the screen it's the standard big plug.
  3. You have been using this wireless standard usb for a while?How many times have you tried rebooting?Did the wireless standard usb need installing before using the mouse?Have you tried booting in safe mode?Finding mouse problem is a bit more difficult.
  4. I've been using this mouse since... Gosh, several years. I don't remember if I had to install it or not. I've rebooted about five times now, and before the last one I turned power off and on.
    I can't really start in safe mode now as I don't have a working screen anymore.
  5. Can you test your pc on a different monitor?
  6. Does your pc crash or does your mouse stop moving?Can you use the other equipment?Like keyboard etc?
  7. We don't have any other monitors in my home, but before the monitor stopped working the keyboard worked. When I look at it now though, it doesn't appear to be on, as none of the lights that are normally on seem to be working.
    From what I can tell, nothing is working outside the computer itself, making it pretty much isolated from all components.
  8. So what you are saying the pc crashed?Npt that the mouse didnt work?In other words as the mouse stop working so did all other input hardware stopped working?e.g keyboard etc..
  9. First the mouse stopped working while using the computer, then I rebooted it, and mouse still didn't work. Then I rebooted again, and after that nothing works.
  10. The computer itself is still on though, while speakers, keyboard, mouse and monitor doesn't work.
  11. Good news, my screen and keyboard is working now, but still not the mouse.
  12. Hmmm maybe borrow another mouse and check whether its the port or the mouse?
  13. Good news, I actually got a not as good as my other one, but still working USB mouse to work on the computer. This'll work until I find a better one, so thanks for your help. :D
  14. AugustVision said:
    The computer itself is still on though, while speakers, keyboard, mouse and monitor doesn't work.

    Your pc crashes,,Not your mouse is the problem.If you were to connect it to another pc your mouse would still work.
  15. Actually I got the computer to work now, and it appears the mouse was broken, but not the screen, keyboard and speakers. I managed to get a new mouse to work. Thanks for your help. :)
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