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So its assumed that sandy bridge E will come out near the end of this year, but what i'm wondering is even though it is the "Extreme" version of sandy bridge does it really add any performance in terms of GAMING?

I mean other than adding more than 4 cores, in terms of GAMING performance will sandy bridge E actually be noticeably better than current sandy bridge cpu's.

And is it correct to assume they won't overclock as well as say a 2500k because they will have more cores which equals more heat?
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  1. It will improve performance in any game or program that uses more of any or all of these: cache, cores, memory bandwidth, graphics bandwidth.

    SB-E will have quad-channel memory, 4-6 cores plus HyperThreading, up to 20MB of L3 cache, and PCIe3. It won't have integrated graphics at all.

    Edit: According to this article the new CPUs and chipsets will allow QPI/BCLK overclocking. The "standard" BS-E's are likely multiplier-locked like previous Intel CPUs, which is why there will be Extreme Editions also.
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