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I was wondering what would be a good single slot card in the HD series, the only game I really play is WoW and the new expansion is coming out with an improved graphics engine, so i do not really want/need to go over the top.

I also need a single slot card because the computer only has one PCI Express slot.

I know most people will say the 5770 is a good choice, but are the 5670 or the 5750 viable options?

This is the computer I bought today is as follows:


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  1. Yikes you paid a lot, I would go with the 5770 if ATI is what you like and do some gaming. It is best to go as high as you can on the mid range without going high end. The 5670 is a ok card but I wouldn't get it unless to save on power and not doing any heavy gaming.
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