Dell optiplex gx400 ram upgrade

Hello my grandfather has a dell optiplex gx400 and it has 512 ram right now and i want to max it out for him to 2 gigs so its not so slow for him. The docs look like i can use 4 512 ram sticks

Does anyone know of any ram that will work for this? could you post a newegg/ebay link or something? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. wow its looking to be like 60 bucks or so for 4 512 sticks. pretty ridiculous. The computer is junk so it would not be worth spending $60 on. I would spend $30 but there is nothing for $30 besides 2 512 sticks that i can see
  2. DDR3 memory is the only affordable memory right now. As older memory tech is phased out of new machines manufactures stop making the older memory in large volumes so it's prices skyrocket after the next memory technology overcomes the previous generation.

    Your best bet would be looking through Ebay but even then it is unlikely you will find a good price on old computer memory.
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