Which would you Keep & which sell?

Need 2 systems. I've got 3 systems, 1 running: Q6600 w/ ASUS P5B Dlx (XP Pro). 2 parts: Q9950 w/ G-byte EP45-UDR3; and new i5-2500K w/ ASUS P8P67 (not Pro or Dlx); WIN7 Pro. Non-gamer but overclock. Which 2 keep & which 2 sell cost/benefit?
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  1. So you have two old systems, and one brand new system, th elatter assembled within the last week or so, ...and you need help deciding which system you should keep?

    I don't even see this as a valid question, honestly....
  2. He stated he needs to keep 2 of the 3. While new the price difference between the q6600 and q9950 was substantial, the residual value of used systems cuts that dramatically. Might as well stick with the q9950 if you can only get $25-50 more on the used market. At least that's my line of thought.
  3. OK. Either you don't like that I asked or I asked poorly (mybad). So I'll try again.

    I have 1 running system Q6600 (= used parts if resold).

    PARTS on hand for 2 other systems (Q9950, i5-2500K) (= NIB if resold) as these are not assembled. (Been busy with other things.)

    Trying to select the ONE to sell, (WWYD?). Becomes the converse question, if it were you, which 2 would you keep (both new, or used+new& which new)? Would sell at least CPU & MB, possible some Mem.

    One system for me, One for wife & young kid, all non-gamers by gamer standards. Reasonable overclocker, not extreme.

    Trying to maximize performance & budget so I ask.
  4. The 2500K/P67 based MB is a keeper for sure....; although, ironically, it would likely be the easiest to sell...

    I can't find a reference to a Q9950...sure this isn't a Q9550? The 9550 should be superior to the Q6600, being a smaller die, faster cpu, larger cache, and less power.
  5. My Bad. Even posted twice & I didn't catch the error. Sorry!

    Yes it is a NIB Intel Core2 Quad 9550.
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