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Amd on bulldozer

David Wong - Wells Fargo Securities, LLC:

Okay, great. And when you expect to bring Bulldozer platforms out at the end of the summer, do desktop and server platforms come out at about the same time? Or does server come out later than desktop?

Richard Bergman:

So in the last call, we indicated early summer for desktops and late summer for servers. And that's still where we're at.
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  1. Geez - thought AMD's Q1 report wasn't out until next Tuesday. Anyway, looks like AMD had a fair quarter, not a blow-out like Intel's, but they didn't lose any money. Also seems like half their net income was due to an increase in their GloFlo interest.

    With Seifert admitting their server marketshare sitting at 6.6%, they really need to bring Interlagos forward if at all possible..
  2. *early* summer. We'll see.
  3. A bit excited..Hope they do fulfil the of promise of bringing us 8 cores.
  4. Can't wait for the APU after Llano with Bulldozer tech!!

    Gonna so buy that in laptop form.
  5. I honestly hope that all of you who are pinning their hopes on Bulldozer are not going to be disappointed.

    Me? Although I tend toward Intel, I think Intel needs competition.
  6. I hope they make early summer. I'm thinking about getting one to replace a dying secondary system
  7. we should make a sticky post on bulldozer.
  8. I hope they are released soon and still priced competitively as I am slowly buying parts for my third build. I am waiting on bulldozer to see if I should go Intel or AMD with this build.
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    ghnader hsmithot said:
    we should make a sticky post on bulldozer.

    Might be a nice change after all the locky threads on BD :D..
  10. The mods are discussing it but I give fair warning if it starts turning nasty I'll close it.
    We have enough problems keeping ahead of the spam and the last thing we need is more user spats ...

    Saint sems to think it would be a good idea and I agree.
  11. whats is amd doing right now,they should have released the bd soon.but soon intel will show their 22 nm tech.might be a bad time for amd.
  12. AMD is slow off the mark and I have doubts it would beat the Sandybridge CPUs. They've been rather quiet about the performance, which makes me wonder if it's going to be another Phenom. We will wait and see I guess...

    The problem in general with AMD CPUs is that whilst you can get a good overclock on the Phenom 2, AMD CPUs generally feel very high strain unlike Intel CPUs at higher overclocks. You're always putting your AMD CPU at a high risk of failure when overclocking. It's not worth taking the cheap route and then paying for Intel Later.
  13. so AMD is at a higher risk than intel CPU's? i guess if you throw enough sh-t, something is bound to stick. AMD's 45nm SOI process is far stronger than intel's 32nm. there are lots of examples of the high end 32nm cpu's failing if not careful with the voltage. users can pump tons of voltage through their Phenom II overclocks with a much lower risk of failure.
  14. I hope BD can live up to the high hopes of alot of these AMD fans. Sandy Bridge is the only game in town at the moment and a strong offering by AMD would help to keep Intel on the boil....
  15. There's another thread here purportedly showing a 1GHZ Turbo for BD, which would be quite impressive if true.
  16. I doubt there's going to be a whole Ghz of Turbo, it does seem a bit odd to me...
  17. i think amd will be disappointed when ivy bridge will be out.Between,can it really challenge sandy bridge.
  18. The last word was said. In few minutes we have a Bulldozer sticky thread.
  19. Here is the link to the main thread:

    I send my invitation to post your comets there.
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