My Vcore is under 1.00 is that okay?

thats what it reads atm and it's not changing, I was wondering if anythings wrong?
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  1. This is great. :bounce:

    You have, as I describe it, won the CPU lottery.
  2. I suspect you may under-volt it even lower if you were so inclined. I've got an unlocked PhII X2/4 '950be' that idles at 0.83v with the IMC/NB at 24000MHz (at load 1.18v).

    Your spec volt range is 0.8500V-1.3625V. If you place a load on the CPU your speed (and voltage) will rise.
  3. They can go pretty low - especially at idle. My Phenom II X6 drops all the way down to 0.7750V at idle (though the multiplier drops as well of course).
  4. I would like to note for the record that my IMC/NB does not actually run at 24000MHz

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