Which (2x4GB) ram kit should I get?

Hi all, I am currently running the (2x2GB) kit here and am thinking of adding one of these two kits to my setup...




I will probably be running the new stuff at a little above 1333 mhz due to the limitations of my current ram and wanting to use them in tandem, with CL of ~7-7-7-18. I am wondering what all y'all think would achieve these settings more stably and or clock higher/tighter. The voltage difference is really throwing me off here more than anything.


Currently running...
MSI GD70-790FX
AMD Phenom II 720
ATI 4850 HD 1GB
ram listed above
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  1. Those kits probably can't run together because they are just so different.

    Your best chance of getting more capacity successfully would be replacing your current kit with a single kit that has enough capacity for your needs/desires.

    If you want 8GB then you had best get a 2x4GB kit (two modules each 4GB) and if you want more than you should get a 4x4GB kit but 16GB is excessive even though it would cost less than $80 if you get decent prices.

    Here is a 2x4GB 1600MHz CL9 (presumably 9-9-9-24 timings but might be slightly different like 9-9-9-24-2n or something, negligible differences for performance) kit:


    If you want 16GB then you can safely get two sets of the same kit.
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