FS/FT: Modded Xbox, Xbox games, PC games, & More!

<b>All prices include shipping in the US. Free insurance included on everything over $25. $1 shipping discount for each additional game purchased.</b>

<b>Modded Xbox system:</b>
$199 shipped! Sold!

<b>Xbox parts:</b>
$55 Philips Xbox DVD drive

<b>Xbox Games:</b>
For trade only:
Blinx the Time Sweeper
Jet Set radio Future/Sega GT 2002 dual pack

$10 Dead or Alive 3
$7 Red Hot Outlaw Volleyball - Blockbuster exclusive version of the game. Has only one playable court and four girls.
$14 OXM(official xbox magazine) disc #7 - includes doa3 booster pack!
$14 OXM disc #8 - includes doa3 booster pack!
$14 OXM disc #9 - includes doa3 booster pack!
$4 OXM disc #4
$4 OXM disc #5
$4 OXM disc #6
$4 OXM disc #12
$4 OXM disc #18
(will give you one $4 oxm disc for free if you purchase #7, #8 or #9)

<b>PC Games:</b>
$22 The sims unleased expansion pack
$20 Diablo + Diablo Hellfire expansion
$8 Black & White
$8 Summoner
$8 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
$8 Darkstone
$7 Baldur's gate
$7 Throne of Darkness
$7 Giants: Citizen Kabuto
$7 Tribes 2
$6 Sacrifice
$5 AquaNox
$4 Descent Freespace with expansion
$4 Populous: the beginning
$4 Septerra Core
$4 Jetfighter IV
$3 Survivor: the interactive game

<b>Partial Dreamcast system:</b>
$26 Dreamcast with controller and power cord. Missing A/V cable! Works with no problems, Is a little scratched up. Tested to work fine with games and backups. Includes my own one month warranty. Shipping insurance is included in the price. Will add an extra partially damaged controller if you'd like.

$11 New Tenchi Muyo Wall Scroll 80x110cm. Cloth, large size, anime girls in swimsuits :-) Picture here: (not an actual photo). I've had this for a while and never got around to selling it. It's still in the original plastic packaging and has never been hung up.

$10 Dirty Pair Flash vol 1 - Angels in Trouble. Anime DVD. In near-mint condition. 160 minutes, 6 episodes.

All prices include shipping in the US. I've never had a package lost that I sent, but if needed, delivery confirmation is an extra $0.55 and insurance is an extra $1.30. Heatware feedback under ID Kogan. Please use email if you would like to contact me. My address is

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  1. Xbox sold! Feel free to email me with any questions/offers.
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