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GTX 580 connection question...

Hey guys,

I will be picking up a GTX 580 with HPs 23" led monitor...

heres the thing tho, the HP monitor only has DVI-D, HDMI, Displayport but no VGA. I went on nvidias website and I found out that GTX 580 has only DVI-I? and mini HDMI standard. This frustrates me very much!

So my questions are:
1. is DVI-D and DVI-I the same thing?
2. is mini HDMI the same quality as normal HDMI?
3. Should I use the DVI or HDMI?
4. does HDMI support multi-monitor support although it only has one connection? (i heard something about there being a two way split or something)

Also bonus question: Why is nvidias flagship card so limited in connection options while radeons comparable 5870 is exploding with vga, dvi, hdmi, displayport options?

Its very frustrating...
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    1. DVI-I carries bothe digital and analog signals, so you could use a DVI-to-VGA adapter to mate with an old monitor.

    2. AFAIK, mini-HDMI has the same pinout as HDMI.

    3. Either will work.

    4. Dunno. There are sometimes strange issues that result over split connections as HDMI tries to negotiate a common resolution supported by both monitors.

    Displayport is ATI, don't expect nVidia to help out any more than folks helped Sony with Betamax. By also dropping VGA - which few should be using by now and can be run off a DVI-I connector anyhow - there's more room to exhaust hot air out of the case.
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  3. thank you! answered ALL MY QUESTIONS!

    so displayport is ati? why does apple use display port then...even on nvidia on the mbp line?
  4. Apple? What's an Apple?
  5. Twoboxer said:
    Apple? What's an Apple?

    its a delicious fruit...:p

    also i dont care about vga anymore...its perfect the monitor will come with a dvi-d connector which the gtx 480 dvi-i output will read perfectly!!!

    im so excited!!!
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