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Hi, I have a Compaq SG3-250UK Desktop PC and it comes with an integrated graphics card which is not too good I was going to upgrade the power supply and and stick a new PCI e X16 graphics card in it, however the motherboard (H-Aira-RS780L-uATX (Aira-GL8) does not have a PCI e X16 slot on it although the specs page for it states it can support one it only has 2 PCI e x1 slots.

My question is if it can support one how would I go about this without the slot?

Any help would be great.
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  1. If that's your motherboard, you can't install a PCIe vid card.

    But have you looked at your board itself to make sure? A PCIe slot is long and has a little locking clip at the end nearest the front of your case.
  2. Yes I have looked inside it only has 2 PCIe x1 slots, was hoping there was a way to adapt one of them.

    There is an item (PCI-E X1 TO X16 LOW PROFILE - SLOT EXTENSION ADAPTER UK) Maybe I could try it.
  3. Even if it works it will still be x1 exlectrically. Not x16, not x8, not even x4. X1. Not good for video.
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