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Hello,my computer is crap this is my motherboard GA-8I915PMD... i currently run a 3.06 GHz pentium 4 (socket 775)... i would like to know what can i upgrade to? is there a limit or would and 775 cpu work? thanks
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  1. The 915 chipset on your gigabyte board is too old for any core2 duo cpus, so I would change boards to upgrade if you have the knowledge.
  2. @o1die but wouldnt that cost to much if he is already running a older system wouldnt it be better to just get another computer all together and go from there??.
  3. You could try and find Core 2 Duos/Quads around. I think those are the only ones you can upgrade to.

  4. one of you said they will work one said they wont.. ?? any other info i can give to give a definite answer?? thanks anyway :)
  5. well I can't find a GA-8I915PMD only a p-d on their website, and that says it does not support dual core cpus, so basically you are out of luck. But check the model number again as I said I can't find a board with the name GA-8I915PMD
  6. The GA-8I915PMD does not appear on the gigabyte web site today. The GA-8I915PMF does, and it supports duo's and quads, but not at clock rates much higher than what you have.

    You can get an inexpensive sandy bridge duo , mobo, and ram for perhaps $300 that would run rings around your current system. Sell your old parts on e-bay to recoup some of the costs.
  7. yh i couldnt find it either thats why i came here... thank you all for looking :)
  8. Sell your old rig, and put the money towards an AMD Phenom 2 system, which would be a massive leap in performance from your old system.
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