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Hello,I just bought a new ASUS laptop with INTEL P6100 cpu and intergrated Intel HD graphics/sound. No gaming just classic movies piped to TV. I have now found out not all HDMI ports send audio out. Is this special graphics card with no sound? I know all i3-i7 cpu GMA HD cards do. But this is different and the P6100 was just released sept/2010. The reason I ask is I have no HDMI sound and major connection problems to my 2 week old LCD TV and my 3yr old 50" Toshiba. Is my new computer defective? I only bought this laptop 3 days ago for the HDMI port. My other computer was only 11 months old.
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  1. Problem solved- Turns out the intel integrated HDMI port does put out sound too for the pentium chip set. I was relying on sound card and display driver auto sensing features and no results. The fix was to go into windows 7 and manually set display and sound for HDMI and HD TV and make them default. Finally got full screen picture with 1280x720 resolution. Wow, old black and white murder mysterys look great in 50" now and a bowl of popcorn. :pt1cable:

    PS I also had a brand new HDMI cable that gave me fits if not twisted just right or bumped. I thought the factory HDMI port in my new laptop was bad or poor solder job.........
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