Dell XPS 410 Cpu upgrade?

should I upgrade my cpu, or not

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe @ 2.13ghz 2mb cache
3gb ddr2 ram (2 5300's, 1 a 6400)
2 x 250gb Samsung hard drives that can be set to raid 0 or raid 1, i have raid turned off (should i turn it back on and i know it would clear everythin i just didnt notice performance wise any difference)
Nvidia 220GT 2gb ddr2 (sparkel brand)
Asus ML248 LED 24inch 1080p monitor

so my question really is what else can I do for this to this computer?, besides that i can put a 5770 ati in it, whats the equivlent of the 5770 in nvidia, cause to tell ya the truth i dont really care for ati at all (i prefer nvidia's layout for the driver settings then ati crap..not to say it isnt a bad company i just dont want it)

any suggestions would be good, and what cpu can i upgrade?
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  1. Your motherboard has an Intel 965 chipset; it may work with a q6600, but it won't be much faster than your current cpu; just have two extra cores. I doubt your board will work with the newer wolfdale cpus that are .45 nm, such as the e8400, but to be sure, I would post your question on dell's website in one of their forums. Dell boards aren't designed for upgrading the cpu easily, but sometimes will.
  2. well i mean, ive heard i could over clock to, but i havent been able to get it to work, instead the os crashes??, kinda weird not because of heat but the program, might be cause im using 64 bit windows 7, but i dont know
  3. I'm an ATI guy but I believe the equivalent is the 450 fermi. Go to the graphics cards at newegg, sort by price and scroll down until you hit the 5770s then see what Nvidia cards are around it. you can also look at the tom's comparison chart at the end of every months best of in class lists.

    I'm faced with the same problem and have just decided to spend the $800 it's going to cost to make a 2nd gen i5 computer I want. ;^)
  4. lol thankyou very much, i was thinkin of waitin cause of ivy, or longer, haha its a hard decision i just upgraded to the 220 GT, but im lookin for what else i can do, also what big difference does raid actually do??
  5. Hold on to your pc, save your cash and then buy a self build, Bulldozer or Ivy, the choice will be yours.
  6. What is the time frame on those Uther? Think I heard early summer for Bulldozer?
  7. how about this

    if your board supports 1333mhz FSB
    you could jump your FSB from 1066mhz to 1333mhz
    cost about 10 USD for circuit writing pen
    many people have done it successfully
    I have done it twice with no problems
    my tower runs 24/7
    currently been on 2D 21H
    I also have 965 chipset
    I am not sure if it supports 1333mhz

    actually looking at this spec sheet
    it doesnt
    does show it supports a E6700

    you could get a E4600 and pin mod it to 3.2 ghz
    would cost about $50 usd on Ebay
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