G.Skill RipJawsZ 16GB in P7P55D-E

Hello all!

I'm currently upgrading my RAM from 4GB to 16GB, I've noticed what could possibly be an issue though.

This is the motherboard I have: http://uk.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1156/P7P55DE_Deluxe/#specifications

Notice that it uses the P55 Chipset.

This is the ram I was intending to buy:
(More specs: http://www.gskill.com/products.php?index=427 )

It notes that that RAM is intended for P67 and X79 chipsets. The motherboard I run has MemOK, so I'm certain the memory will work, but will it work to its full potential? Is it worth looking at a different set of RAM?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. That RAM should work fine. The only difference was on your older P55 board the memory controller is on the motherboard and most DDR3 was 1.65v when it was new. The newer Sandy Bridge CPUs have the memory controller on the CPU and work best with lower voltage 1.5v DDR3. It will not hurt the P55 to run the lower voltage memory though.
  2. I forgot to mention - I assume it would also be fine with my Intel Core i5 750?
  3. Yeah, like I said the memory controller is on the motherboard with a P55 setup. Processor does not matter.
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