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Does anyone know the ampere requriement for the Sapphire HD5770 1GB graphics card? My PSU is 500W and has 14A on +12V1 and 13A on +12V2... Is that good?

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  1. With 27A max @ 12V (that's max, may be less if there's a combined limit), 12V wattage is 324. Out of 500W max, that seems a bit light. It's looking like a 400W-430W psu labelled 500W.

    OTOH, an entire 5770 system running Furmark only draws ~235W total.

    Please provide the make and model of the psu so we don't give you a premature answer, like "maybe".
  2. First of all, I don't really know why the title of this post is that. WEIRD!

    As for the PSU, it is a CiT PSU. Very reliable I must say though considering I've never used one before...
  3. Way down at the bottom, the max board power shown for the 5770 is 108W, or 9 amps:

    By the specs, you should be fine.
  4. So my computer can run it as it is? Without getting a new PSU or anything else? 500W and 14/13 amperes is enough? :??:
  5. Well, if your PSU can deliver the rated power, then it should be fine. I personally wouldn't trust that PSU though - low end and no-name PSUs tend to be vastly overrated, and can damage other components when they go out.
  6. Power output as well as the power quality is important. Make sure your PSU meets and/or exceeds the PSU specification of version 2.2 standards.
  7. I don't know what all this version 2.2 stuff means, anyway of making it simpler?
  8. Yes, if your psu can do what it claims, you will be fine.

    But we don't know your psu.

    We don't "trust" its specs because the total 12V wattage is low. That usually means an old design, days of different standards.

    Also, more than 50% of the hardware problems resolved here are CAUSED by the PSU.

    So . . . forget about 2.2 etc . . . just know that we think you should be thinking about a new, quality psu.

    Good luck!
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