9800 GT Graphics Card Fan Issues

Thanks in advance, I have a 9800 GT that makes a loud clicking noise because the fan faces downward in my computer, I'm trying to figure out a way to use the GPU without having to buy a new one, but without the noise. I've narrowed it down to the GPU's fan, and everything on the board is in tact.
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  1. What are the blades knocking on? Try to find the wire the blades are touching or then the heat sink has come a little loose.....
    Make sure you are fastening the GPU to the Case correctly and not leaving it a little loose.
    Check exactly where the sound is originating from and by coming in contact with what....
    If you can do that, then you can find a way to stop it too.....:)
  2. I believe that the fan is hitting the GPU Casing for instance, when I'm on the computer, as it's warming up, the computer gets louder and louder and this doesn't happen in my other computer. The key difference between those computers is that my old one has the graphics card facing upwards. The newer computer has it facing downwards. This sound doesn't come from the GPU when placed inside my old computer. There is nothing in contact, no wires, nothing...

    On a side note, I may have not been clear enough, so I'll do that, the fan is on the GPU for those of you who don't own this graphics card. It's not a fan that comes with the computer, it's used as an air intake to cool the 9800GT's GPU.
  3. This is a simple problem and the solution is easy to do. You have two options if you don't want to replace the card. First you can try to fix the fan and second is to replace the cooler with a aftermarket cooler like a Zalman VF900. I got two 9800gt and have had them both for two years now. They are good cards but the coolers were always junk.
  4. What I think it happening on the GPU's fan is that it's clipping the casing of the 9800? Would that solev the issue with it? The cooling doesn't seem to be an issue, it feels warm, but not hot. Like I said, the same GPU doesn't make the noise in my previous computer, just the new one. Actually, is there a way to take the casing off without removing the fan altogether? I've had my GPU since the middle of last year and it is an amazing card.

    Could there be another problem? I don't think a power supply would cause this.
  5. <.< No wonder why the world has so many problems :<

    Take the cooler off and then remove the fan. Once you have that done remove the sticker from the back of the fan and check to see if there is a white or black plastic ring at the end of the fan shaft. If there is not try a piece of wire to and be sure to relube the fan shaft or pay later when it does for sure. Without the ring the fan will not be stable and may hasten its decline. If that is to much work then get a aftermarket cooler as they are easy to install unless your only tool is a hammer. :3
    Be sure to add new compound after cleaning up the old crap they used that usually is dried out after a few months use. People need to smart about maintaining their systems like they need to do the same about their cars.
  6. I don't think that's going to be too much work, I'll try it probably tomorrow and I'll post on here to let you know. I have some compound to use for the GPU so it's not like I don't have the stuff to do that.

    I do agree that people need to maintain their systems. I actually just opened up both towers that I own to clean them up and rid them of dust. The GPU in this computer doesn't even have a bit of dust on it since the first thing I did was clean the fan.
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