8800 gt alpha dog black screen on boot

Hello, i got a MSI Neo4 Platinum motherboard, AMD Athalon X64 3200, 3GB of RAM, and I just slapped in an XFX GeForce 8800 GT Alpha Dog to replace my old ATI X1600 [since I broke a capacitor taking it out on accident]. I'm getting a black screen at boot, no nothin anywhere. I reset the Cmos by removing the battery, and even restarted in safe mode with an old pci graphics card to use a driver cleaner to make sure nothing was in the way. No dice. Any suggestions? Running Windows 7.
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  1. I'm here and waiting till around 9PM central time.
  2. What is your power supply? Does the 8800 GT require an external power connection (and its it hooked up)? Try some of the tips in this guide for no boot:

  3. My PSU is a 500W and the 6-pin-PEG is hooked up and ready. I think I'm going to have to update/flash the BIOS of my mobo. Just gotta make sure I do it right, otherwise... :sweat:
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