Dead Space Flickering Issue - GPU Problem?

I load Dead Space and colors are flickering all over the screen that I can barely make out any text. My drivers are updated and the temps don't get that high where it should do this (65-75). I searched the web, but didn't find any answers. Has anyone heard of this. I attempted to load the game and cannot see anything but flashes across the screen. Every other game works and I adjusted the video settings, but no avail. Maybe the game is in the wrong Direct X mode, which I tried to find but couldn't either.
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  1. What are your system specs ?
    Since other games work fine,then have you tried re-installing dead space ?
  2. CPU: i5-750
    Mobo: Biostar TP55
    Video Card: ATI 4870 1GB
    RAM: 4gb G.Skill DDR3 - 1333 mhz

    I tried the re-install, didn't work.
  3. What are your temps, and what is the brand and model of your psu?
  4. OCZ 600W and my temps don't go past 75 degrees during load time. As soon as the game loads, all of the graphics look like giant shards of glass that flicker all over the screen.
  5. 75c on the cpu? The gpu, chipset, ram, what else is their to guess? <.< As for the psu you left out the model <.<

  6. Sorry 700W.
    OCZ StealthXStream OCZ700SXS 700W

    And that 75 degree is on the GPU not the CPU.
    I have an i5-750, 4gb of G.Skill DDR3 1333 mhz RAM and the ATI 4870.
  7. I doubt that you have a bad unit but it is possible however I think that you problem is else ware. So lets inspect the card for issues. Check the cooler for any build up of dust beneath of the cooler and else ware even if you have to take it out. When it is in check for hot spots even you have to do the TSA with the back of your hand. Does it have issues in this one game or this is the only game that you are currently playing? If so and more demanding games are running fine then you are ok as it is the game and not hardware.
  8. Play around with CCC, is the best you can do. AI catalyst is your best bet, this thing almost always is the problem creator. Put it to something else of what it is checked as of now.

    If playing with CCC 3D options doesn't help, change the ati drivers to an older/newer version.

    Also, I think Dead space is a ported game right? They usually have one or two things wrong, but your problems seems more aggravated. Try updating your DirectX.
  9. Dead Space is ported and I know many people who had a ton of problems. There is no dust in the GPU or any build-up because I just put everything into a new case and cleaned it.

    Every other game that I play, Metro 2033, BC2, Black Ops, Dirt 2, all work perfectly. Sounds like it is the game to me, but don't know how to fix it! I played around with CCC, thinking that maybe it was the overclocking, but I even underclocked it, and it didn't work. I will edit some of the 3D settings and see.
  10. Yeah sorry, I meant to say strictly 3D options of CCC, particularly AI catalyst, set it to "off","standard" or "advanced".
  11. Didn't work even after adjusting all of the settings.
  12. The same thing happened when I went to play Lead and Gold today...but hasn't happened with any other game.
  13. Well you might as well count your losses and move onto another game but there is one option left. Do you have a older ati card or nvidia as a spare? I once had to swap cards because of this in fallout 3 due to similar bugs even though every other game ran fairly well. This is why people should always keep an extra card on hand just in case.
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