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I have the P8Z68-V LX motherboard with the stock i5 2500k and Corsair Carbide 400R case and am working on getting controlled cooling setup via the motherboard. The motherboard connections include 1 x CPU_fan (4 pin), 2 x Chassis_fan (4 pin), and 1 x PWR_fan (3 pin). The 400R comes with 3 x 120mm fans (3 pin), two at the front intake and one rear exhaust. I have purchased 2 x 120mm 4 pin fans and a 120mm 3 pin fan:

I plan to replace the stock fans at the front intake with the 2 x 120mm 4 pin fans and connect them via a y cable to one of the Chassis_fan headers to allow for PWM control. The other fan I will use as a top exhaust and power it and the stock rear fan with the PSU. Rather than buying more 4 pin fans, I would like to use the stock front 3 pin fans at the side intake which brings me to my question. Does anyone know if I can connect the 3 pin fans to the other chassis header and maintain the control option? I haven't played with the BIOS much but don't see anything in the manual about switching to voltage control. I am just curious if anyone has personal experience with this board and can provide some insight. This is my first build so I am not very experienced with cooling configuration. This being said please feel free to correct any misunderstandings I might have or provide suggestions for improvement. Thanks!
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  1. I'm adding a reply to this in hopes that someone can help me out. So I bought three additional 4 pin fans, giving me a total of four, and two of the following splitter:

    I hooked everything up and started up my computer only to notice that all my 4 pin fans were spinning at 100% RPM. I played around with the control profiles but couldn't get any changes. Next I unhooked everything and connected a single 4 pin fan to the chassis header. Doing so the fan would change RPM according to the different profiles. At this point I was stumped on what I could have done wrong so I decided to plug a 3 pin fan in to a 4 pin chassis header and of course I have the same RPM control ability as with the 4 pin fan. Obviously the chassis headers on my motherboard use voltage to control fan speed rather than PWM. I have searched through the BIOS and can't seem to find a place that allows you to change between voltage and PWM. Does this mean that the fourth pin on these headers is simply a dummy? I hope not as not only does that make zero sense to me but also makes me feel like a dummy for trying to get my case PWM controlled. Does anyone own the P8Z68-V LX board and can help shed some light on my situation. Thanks in advance!
  2. I just tried another configuration. If I connect the PWM splitter to the CPU_Fan header and connect the CPU_Fan and two case fans, the case fans speed changes according to the CPU Q-control profile. Does this mean the CPU_Fan header is the only header with actual PWM ability? If so then why can you set the duty cycle under the Chassis Q-control, isn't this a PWM feature? I am new to the fan control world and am pretty confused at this point. Thanks again!
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