Upgrading HD 4670, <200$ budget

Im looking to upgrade my old 4670 to something better. My Max Budget is 200$ but I would rather have something closer to 175-180.

Current parts-
Mobo- MSI 870A-G54 (has 16x pcie and 16x pcie that runs at 4x)
amd quad core 2.9ghz processor
500watt psu from silverstone
4gb of ram

Im really just looking for something to improve my performance on a number of games. I dont have any completely necessary performance requirements other than I would like to see an appreciable increase from my 4670.

After seeing the top video cards for the money for november I was thinking about the HD 6850 or the GTX460

seeing as they are about the same is either one recommended and if so, is any specific manufacturer recommended, should i go with the same manufacturer as my mobo MSI?

Also one more thing, Since im running dual monitors would it be possible to hook each up to its own videocard, like hook my side monitor up to the old 4670 and the main monitor to the new video card I buy? I suppose i might have to get the HD6850 to do this just because of brands.

Any input is greatly appreciated

Things I forgot-
Ill buy anywhere thats reputable
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  1. Closer to $180, you could do a custom HD6850 (those are $170-$190). Good designs to look for are Sapphire's Toxic, MSI's HAWK, and Asus' DirectCU. Otherwise a 1GB GTX460 wouldn't be bad, but it'll take a bit more power.

    You'll also be pushing things a bit with your PSU, but it's not that bad.

    Keep in mind this system is higher-end than yours (except the GPU, of course).
  2. The 460 and 6850 are the right cards for you, and the choice is really up to you.

    There's no benefit to having identical mobo/vidcard mfgers.

    Either an nVdiia or ATI card will run fine on your AMD board with the 460 being a bit stronger at lower resolutions (dunno what your screen resolution is).

    The only issue would be if you were planning to add another vid card, the HD6850 would allow you to xfire.
  3. would i be able to run both my old 4670 and a new 6850 on different monitors?
  4. You would plug both monitors into the 6850. But yes I believe you could also run two monitors off of separate cards.
  5. The GTX460 performs slightly worse than the 6850, which in turn performs slightly worse than the 5850.

    The 6850 costs over $200 at the moment.
    The GTX460 1GB costs around $180-$190.
  6. Yep, you are correct. I meant gtx460s being slightly worse than the 6850s, in turn being slightly worse than the 5850s.
  7. And both the GTX460 and HD6850 are great overclockers. The 6850 is better overall though (IMHOO) because it's still got a lower power draw, and even reference 6850's can overclock with the best of them.
  8. At stock, the 6850 outperforms the 460 more often than not, especially at 2560. Overclocked, which is how most 460s come today, changes the equation. Most believe the 460 overclocks very well . . . so the conclusion generally reached is here:


    So be careful when comparing the 460/6850 you purchase vs the "charts" which most often show stock vs stock.
  9. So I think i Have decided to go with the 6850 now i just gotta decide on the brand to go with

    On newegg everything good seems to be sold out except XFX and Visiontech
    the only reason i like vision tech more is that it comes with a dvi-->vga converter (yes i know its vga, but I got a free 18" vga monitor and its a nice second screen for itunes or something) Vision tech already has the lifetime warrentee but is it a reputable brand, easy to RMA? Same goes for XFX is it easy to RMA?

    Tigerdirect has more available, so does anyone have any recomendations
  10. Look for either ASUS DirectCU or Sapphire if you plan on overclocking. Otherwise XFX is a good brand.
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