Which RAM Slots?

I got all the parts assembled and everything I just want to make sure these are in the R\right slots.

I have 2x2gb G2 Series Patriot 1333

The manual says that slot one and two are the black slots on the board MSI 760GM-E51

The things im not sure about are:

Arent slots one and two serarated by another slot and further away from the CPU?

The RAM sticks are right next too one another and closest to the CPU.

Need some help. Tell me if I'm doing anything wrong by the manual.

Please and Thank You.

RAM is Patriot G2 Series 2x2gb 1333 and Mobo is MSI 760GM-E51
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    U are right on the money, I checked your mobo manual and u should use slot 1 and 2.
  2. Its on the page 2-6. Its different on Asus or Gigabyte : )
  3. Okay thanks. But would you ahve any idea as too why when i turn on the PC it says "Analog Power Saving Mode" and the light in the corner turns from blue to orange.
  4. What is the monitor refresh rate? Post model and name....

    What is it that u have it now?
  5. didnt get the last sentence.

    Model Number L1952TQ
  6. Coputernewbie said:
    didnt get the last sentence.

    Model Number L1952TQ

    What is it that u have it now? The refresh rate?
  7. does the refresh rate depend on the vid card?
  8. the response time is 3ms couldnt find the refresh rate
  9. U can set the refresh rate from the monitor too, but did u play with the refresh rate?
  10. I cant get it to even show any image. Just says "power saving mode" and goes to sleep
  11. I have an adapter. Its all good. thanks!
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  13. Well, good luck! Thanx for the vote Coputernewbie : )
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