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My PC monitor turns off after 30 seconds to about 1.5 minutes. I can't get into anything where the monitor stays on--that includes safe mode and BIOS. Is my video card screwed? The computer stays on, all indications point it to still running. This sucks. Running Win XP with a 8800 gt (just installed, played for a while, added a cooler and then kaput. It's possible that I damaged the card in theory, but I was very very careful with it, and would say that I did not harm it at all.)
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  1. It just might be your monitor, not the graphics card. Try connecting the monitor to another PC and see if it works.
    If it does, then what PSU are you using?
  2. Are you sure power saver setting is off on windows?
    You can try another/spare monitor to make sure whether your monitor is fine or not...
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