YouTube Loading/Buffering Issues

Hello guys!

I've been trying to look for a solution on Google, but none of those out there seems to be having the same problem as I do, or maybe I'm just no using the right words... :/

But here's what's going on. I go to YouTube and I click on a video link, the white circles starts running...... and that's it until the whole video is loaded. It shows me video after its ALL LOADED, it doesn't allow me to watch... buffer... watch... buffer...

But this doesn't happen all the time! It happens only sometimes but it's hell of a pain in the ass!

Please if any one of you has issues similar to this, and you have a solution (or not), please reply and tell me what I can do to fix it. Your help would be greatly appreciated... THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!

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  1. From what I can tell its a Youtube thing and nothing you can do about it. I have seen the same loading issues. Videos stop downloading halfway through, white circle, etc....
    It comes and goes. I think it's just Youtubes servers are getting slammed at times.
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