5870 vs. 6870 can't decide

5870 is on sale at newegg with a rebate for $232. The 6870, from what i've heard, is slower than the 5870 but has better tessellation. Can someone point me in the right direction? Looking to build a new pc very soon. Also, should I wait for the 6970? Is it going to be $500 or so?(i know no one knows for sure but estimates would be nice)
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  1. the 5870 is a slight bit faster, but the 6870 uses a bit less power and scales better if you ever want to run crossfire. It also has that new anti aliasing feature that barely sees a performance hit. under normal circumstances i would go the 6870, but a 5870 for $232 is insanely cheap, are you sure you saw it for that price?. So since your getting a slightly faster card for less than the cost of any 6870, do it.
  2. no i would get the 6870 sence its newer and will have driver updates for new games..ati does not like to update there drivers for the old cards much..kinda like how the 4000 series have not seen a update for a long time
  3. You can get a 6870 for $231 at ewiz right now.
  4. Get the hd5870. Someone said something about no new drivers, but if you think about it, the 6xxx will get older and lose the new drivers too. Get the hd5870, it is stronger. :D
  5. 6870 for crossfire setup & 5870 for only one vga setup (make sure you have a strong power supply 850w or more)
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