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Get a 2nd 5870 or go to a 580?

I have been using my 5870 for over a year and it rocks. However, I also use a 30 inch monitor (2560x1600) and I could always use more graphics horsepower. I am thinking of getting a 2nd 5870 (which should get me thru at least another year) or go with a 580 based card.

I play a variety of games - FPS's like COD Black OPs, MOH, Splinter Cell, and some RPGs (Oblivion, Darksiders, Devil May Cry)

I am able to play these at the full resolution, but I have to cut back on the AA and some of the higher end eye candy.

My CPU is an i7 930 and I have 6GB of ram.

Any thoughts? Thanks
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  1. If you see a good deal for a 5870 then go for it. If not I'd wait for Cayman (AMD's 6900 series).
  2. I would wait until the Cayman comes out. That way you will be able to compare the usefulness of both the Cayman and the price drops it should bring.
  3. a 2nd 5870 would be better than a 580, but yeah, if you hold off a little longer you will see what new ati cards are like.
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    One issue you are likely having with your 5870 is your frame buffer. Assuming you have a 1GB card, at that resolution, 1GB cards sometimes run out of video ram when turning up the settings. Adding a 2nd 5870 will not solve this issue.

    The end result is you will end up with higher average FPS with a 2nd 5870, but you'll sometimes have a higher minimum FPS with a single 580, or even a 480.

    Often times it's the minimum FPS that make a game feel more playable, rather than the max. It's a tough call. If you are willing to turn down a few of the visuals when you play a game that runs into a buffer issue with the 1GB 5870's, you'll end up saving money and have higher performance most the time.
  5. I would agree with karma831, if you see a good deal go for it(i hate waiting around)but go for the newer 580's or 69xx series that will come out soon.If their is a good deal get it and maybe down the road get a new mobo and x3 or x4 5870's.
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  7. I've read in multiple places that the 6950 and 6970 are both supposed to start at 2GB, so I think it would be worth waiting to see if this is true. 2GB would help solve your frame buffer problem.
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