MSI Click Bios 2 M FLASH Problems

Hey guys.

I recently bought a MSI z68 gd65 (G3) Motherboard and I'm trying to update the BIOS through the M-Flash function in the BIOS. The BIOS I am currently using is CLICK BIOS 2 v 23.2

I downloaded the latest BIOS update from the MSI website 7681vN4, (This is version 23.4 of the BIOS), unzipped and put the flowing files in the root of my sandisk cruizer: E7681IMS.N40 and AFUDE238.
And I formatted my usb disk before putting anything on it.

I am unable to access my BIOS from the POST screen of my computer, and a MSI representative told me to update my bios. So I installed CLICK BIOS 2, and I am able to go into the BIOS directly from windows.
I am a beginner when it comes to messing with anything in the BIOS, and I when I go in the M-FLash section, I don't seem to see anything that gives me the opportunity to chose my USB, in order to update my motherboard.

When I go under the M-Flash section in settings, I see the following:


BIOS boot Function [Enabled] ( I put it to enabled myself)

However, I don't see anything else. What am I supposed to do in order to update the BIOS??
Am I forgetting something?

Please help guys as I know nothing on this subject!

Here are some of my other components:
CPU = i5 2500k
GPU = GTX 570
HDD = 1tb Seagate barracuda 7200RPM 32Mb cache
PSU = OCZ Zx series, 850W
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  1. Guuys, could you please help? I'm really stuck. If someone has a link to a video tutorial, for M-Flash within click BIOS 2, that would be really helpful as well!
  2. Hey guys, I actually found the solution to my problem. The click bios 2 which you can access through Windows (once you have already loged into your computer account) is mostly for overclocking purposes and CANNOT perform all the functions that you could from the actual bios (the bios you enter by pressing "DEL" key when your computer starts). For example, the M-flash utility cannot be used when accessing clickbios 2 from windows!
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