Gtx 560, 570 or 580

I am building a new computer in 2 weeks. I have everything set except for my needs on a GPU. I am planning to play games like WOW: Cata, Borderlands, Lego Star wars III, Rift: Plains of Telara and Other games with a Res of 1920x1080 with max settings. My cpu is the 2600k. I have the money for the 580, but is it necessary? I can do SLI 560s for the same price with alittle better performance, but I am not sure whether I want to . I might want to do SLI 570 or 580 in the future. Does anyone have any good advice?
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  1. Buying the flagship cards are never the best bang for the buck so I rarely recommend them. Especially when next generation arrives and gets similar, equivalent, or better performance for a lot less money.

    The 560 wasn't disappointing or anything but it also wasn't very impressive. I also don't like to suggest people to start out with a dual card configuration right away. So at the moment I feel the 570 is the best card for the money.
  2. go with the gtx 570 if you need a long warranty then get this instead

    The 570 will be able to max everything you stated. You can overclock the 570 to 580 speeds in a couple hours, the 560 ti will also be able to max your games but not for as long and getting two of them isn't the best idea, 1 card is more stable than 2 so if a single card config will do go for it instead
  3. The 570 prices will certainly drop once the 600 series and 7000 series is released then I would purchase another card, or wait another generation and pick a card without a warranty off ebay for insanely low prices. With that config your GPUs will last at least 2 years at max settings at 1920x1080 overclock the cards and 3-4 years should become easily attainable
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