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Hd 5870 vs gtx 470 (vs gtx 570 & 69xx's)

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 27, 2010 6:50:43 AM

Given that I can get reference hd 5870 for $225 USD. and gtx 470 for $177 USD. (both reference), which one should I go for? Which one do you think is a better deal? or, should I wait until gtx 570 and 69xx's?

After researching gtx 470's the performance is just a hair below hd 5870. This means that gtx 470 has the better the price vs performance ratio.

However, what I am concerned with is that many result shows that gtx 470 has worse idle & load temperature and power consumption compared to hd 5870 (almost 20 C difference in load temp.).

Should I just go with gtx 470 for now and buy an aftermarket cooler like vf3000f later on if the temperature causes problems, or should I just get hd5870? or, should I wait till gtx 570 and hd 69xx's?
Btw, is hd 5870 loud under load?

Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

My system is as follows:
i5 750 @ stock
4gb ddr3
asus p55 micro atx mobo (one pci-e x16)
gts 250(will be replaced)
ocz vertex 2 120gb
antec neo eco 520w psu (rebadged seasonic, would this be able to handle the either gtx 470 or hd 5870?)
November 27, 2010 6:57:47 AM

i think you would need a higher wattage psu!! i think the hd5870 is better in terms of temperature and performance, the 470 beats it only in certain categories. but a better option is that you may wait for the new gen gpus to come out.
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November 28, 2010 12:50:24 AM

^ Agreed. The ops entire system with a 6870 wouldn't hit 300w running furmark.