Low fps and lag on a hd 5750

I have recently upgraded my cpu components, I use a MSI mobo, an AMD processor, 2gb of RAM, 500gb HDD and an ATI hd 5750. I'm not getting the desired fps on games like assassins creed 2 & other heavy games, the game specifically assassin's creed 2 freezes for about half a second for a few times in the beginning specially, following are my specs:-
Mobo: MSI 740GM-P25
Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0 ghz
RAM: Kingston 2GB
HDD: 500GB
PSU: Cooler Master 400W

The games run fine but I'm concerned about the low fps specially when there are too many objects in the frame and the momentary freezing, I live in India and have spent over 20k bucks (500 US $ approx.) on this rig. Is it the procssor or the PSU which has only 16a on both 12v rails or do I need more RAM or is it the GPU which I am sure is enough powerful to run these kind of games btw. I'm annoyed and confused, please help..SOS!!!!>:(
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  1. One more thing, on 3d mark vantage in the cpu test 2, the steps/s is horribly low, around 8.41 :pfff: , so what does that mean...processor sucks??!!
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