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hi friends im going to buy a new case my current case is cm690 .my options for new cases r
1)antec 1200
2)cooler master 932
3)antec df-85
4)Xigmatek Elysium

currenty im leaning towards xigmatek elysium . it has both water cooling and air cooling potential . lots of cable management . should i buy xigmatek elysium or u suggest me some other case.
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    Good selection of cases!
    I would look at the Corsair Obsidians and some Silverstones like the FT's and Ravens.
    Don't bother with the 1200 and HAF 932 unless they're the new versions.
  2. ok which one in silverstone . and corsair 800d is too expensive . plzzz reply me as soon as possible but im still leaning towards xigmatek elysium . waht u say abt it.
  3. I say it's not even available for purchase yet.
    Looks ok, personally, i have no use for such a large HPTX case.
    I understand you want to update from a CM 690 which is fine.
    But why such a large case?
    I take it your budget is $200 U.S.
  4. yeah it is not available yet . but here a local dealer is importing and will be available in mid may . actually i have CORSAIR hx1000w psu in cm690 and cable management is horrible and i dont want to mod my case . because im selling it to my friend and he need it as un modded . so im thinking for future use thats why im going for big case . u can suggest me some other but keep in mind cooler master, corsair (800d only) , Antec , Thermaltake , Xigmatek r easily available.
  5. You have selected very good cases for your shortlist imo.
    Cases are a personal choice.
    Ideally i'd like a Corsair but they're out of my budget.
    I don't like Thermaltake cases i think they're cheap.
    CM 932 Advanced and HAFX are excellent if you like the look and don't mind dusting.
    The Antec 1200v3 is built like a tank, quality materials and construction.
    I know i have a 902 = very little plastic is used.
    My personal favourite is the Silverstone Raven 2 = damn sexy!
    The only other cases i would look into are Lian Li's.
  6. The Haf X and Antec 1200 v3 are both excellent cases - i would suggest you go to a shop, see how they look and buy the one you like more :)
  7. haf x is currently not available and my younger brother doesnt like antec 1200
    he likes xigmatek elysium and saying if u will not buy it he will not allow me to use his logitech z 5500 lol . i think i should go for xigmatek . its new and very innovative design .
  8. Buy the Elysium and bury him in it lol!
    Will he fit?
  9. lol davcon . so nice of u to reply to this thread consistently and rapidly
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  11. Answer is simple - ANtec 1200 V3 or the Antec DF85
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